Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Less than a month on. This time, Viv is off with David, leaving me with the two younger boys. This time, David is going to a school camp in the Marlborough Sounds, staying at Gem Resort (or, to give it a more usual pronunciation, "Jim Resort"). As the announcer at The Warehouse said yesterday, "Fireworks marked down to sivin for tin dollars".

We went to the big civic fireworks display in central Wellington last night, starting at nine o'clock - which meant it was a late night for us all. All the boys fell asleep on the train home.

Unfortunately, it's also an early start this morning. Viv and David need to be at school at seven o'clock, no later than 7:30.So after a stumbling start to the morning, we were soon on our way, dropping Viv and David and their bags at school, followed by another trip to drop off their biscuits which they are bringing for the morning snack.

The rest of the day will be under way shortly. I can't believe that it will bear too many similarities to the last trip, but we'll see: it's schooldays not holidays, the selection of boys is different and I'll be at home rather than wandering around up to Auckland and things. Probably at least some days will see trips to the workplace for bits and pieces.
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