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At least a week has passed, people

It's not been the best week we ever had, but not the worst by any means, but not something to post until it's just about finished.
Viv has been struggling with loss of voice from a flu-related thing that's going round, but by now is almost back to normal, though I don't think she'll be keen to talk on the telephone any time soon. I haven't been at my brightest either, especially in the second half of the week. Nevertheless, our health is well on the way to recovery, so there's really no cause for concern or for anyone to want to get in touch with us as any matter of urgency.
Work has continued much the same, with work on Basel Accord compliance continuing apace, though with the backdrop of uncertainly regarding the future of the National Bank. Official announcements tells us that ANZ and Westpac are interested, while CBA have stated publicly that they are not interested. That leaves NAB of the Australians to show their hand, though HSBC, HBOS and DBS (Singapore) have all been listed as possible dark horses for the Black Horse. All in all, nobody knows and there's nothing we can do about it, but the fear, uncertainty, doubt isn't helping us.
Meanwhile, Upper Hutt and Stokes Valley face an educational review, which will probably result in the closure of one or more schools in the Valley, leading to more fear, uncertainly and doubt. One thing that puzzles just about anyone with an educational focus on life is why the review is Stokes Valley and Upper Hutt, rather than Stokes Valley and Lower Hutt, seeing as most the SV primary schools feed intermediate schools and colleges in Lower Hutt rather than Upper Hutt.
My admittedly cynical view is that it has nothing to do with the educational issues, but that the Education Minister, Trevor Mallard, has his electorate in Lower Hutt while Paul Swain, nothing to do with education, has his electorate in and beyond Upper Hutt. I can't see any other explanation: certainly it makes no educational sense. Perhaps someone would care to comment on this?
It's a cold day here today, with wind ad rain, though this hasn't stopped the boys cycling down to Lower Hutt for lunch and a look around. We're not well placed to do much about this ourselves, as our vehicle has deteriorated with respect to having a useful clutch. While I was out at the bank's quiz night on Thursday night, apparently Viv had fun getting a car towed up the hill with a police escort and all sorts of excitement I missed. With any luck, we'll have it back tonight, but without luck we won't...
The quiz night, at which our ragbag team of "Medieval Evil" failed to be placed, was as ever a successful and fun night raising money for the Cancer Society's Daffodil Day appeal. Thanks to Diane, Graham, Ivonne, Joanne, Michael H, Richard and Sarah for making up our team this year.
Viv is out at SV School at the moment preparing for their quiz night tonight. Actually, by now she's probably walking back home.
In other news, we had fun cleaning out the fridge this morning. It's not ever a pleasant job, but it needed doing.
Update: Yes, she was. Viv is back already, and negotiation is now under way as to who will make the coffee.
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