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Yes, that's a week

Of course, sheaj34 is right - it is unusual for a week to pass without me writing anything, but in fact we have been fine, pretty much. Viv's voice is recovering, the rest of us are tired but otherwise well. In fact, Viv is otherwise well too!
Let's try to get through the week day by day, and see how we go.
Monday - a very ordinary day for me. Viv took Matthew over to Lyall Bay, where his team came second, with Matthew scoring 5.5 out of 6 for his team. This was a very good performance for the Gifted Kids programme team. The evening saw Viv go back to Toastmasters.
Tuesday - a usual day, with a BAINZ committee meeting at luinchtime and a Vestry meeting in the evening, while Viv had a school meeting at Stokes Valley School. An exciting Vestry meeting, but a short one. This was also the day that The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers video was released and that made for a late night.
Wednesday - the weather as gloomy, as I went to the Diocesan Office to get tickets for the Synod dinner (which will also be the centenary celebration for the Anglican Chinese Mission in Wellington). While there, I also talked to the Diocesan Administrator about a variety of issues.
Thursday - The Toastmasters Area International contest - following some lively discussions, this contest took place and was won by Wayne Buck, who will go on to represent the Area at the Division contests on October 4. The rest of the day at work was the buildup to Daffodil Day, the National Bank's major charity day of the year.
Friday - an early start for Daffodil Day. Surprisingly, not many raffles and fundraisers around the building, but across Wellington there were a number of branches and business units running sausage sizzles at lunchtime. I set off round the city with a pocket of coins and a disposable camera to record my adventures.
  • Cambridge Terrace call centre - Commended

  • Courtenay Place - no sizzle

  • Manners Street - gold standard

  • ASB Tower - IT's sizzle - gold standard

  • Featherston Street - commended

  • 188 Lambton Quay - no sizzle

  • The Terrace - silver standard

  • North Lambton Quay - silver standard

  • Molesworth Street - gold standard

You really needed to know that, didn't you? I also managed to take a snap of one of my favourite signs in Wellington, which I will post on my wesbite shortly.
And so that brings us to Saturday morning.
Radio 4 is still a fine thing to listen to, but calculations tell me that even on a dial up line, listening to it solidly for a month would incur ten gigabytes of traffic. Hmmm, that's quite a lot, isn't it?
Coming soon: the Friday Five and a couple of other reflections.
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