Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Early start on a Tuesday

After coming second in our club's Table Topics contest for short impromptu speeches, I qualified for the Area contest. Unfortunately, this resulted in an early alarm clock, on a cold morning. After the train ride into town, there was the small matter of finding the hall where the contest would take place, and in this I was successful at the second attempt. The topic we were given was: The most important lesson in life; I chose to take a humorous approach, and was placed second. Down the hill to work after.
After a morning in the office, it was off to the AIBF committee meeting, where a fine buffet lunch including salmon kebabs was available for committee members.
After work, it was off to the station, back home after calling in at the fish and chip shop. Our chippy is under new management! This is a bitter blow. The older Dutch couple who owned it before have been replaced by some new people, who don't seem quite "onto it".
I am advised that Viv beat Matthew at chess this morning. Unfortunately, this is now an event worthy of remark.
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