Ian (ringbark) wrote,

We woke to morning which was cold and wet. The temperature had dropped considerably overnight and there was a steady drizzle, which got heavier and heavier as the day progressed.

A quick look at the Hoyts web site revealed that today was a possible day to go and see some things at the cinema, seeing as it was not a fit day to do anything else much.

Accordingly, we went down to Taita station and picked up the train into town. The weather was such that we decided to pick up a yellow city circular bus to the cinema. We just missed one, so sheltered inside the station until the next one came, picking up a Tranzrail brochure along the way.

As soon as the bus came, we got on. The plan was for the boys to see Pokémon 2000. However, the prospect of a full length anime was too much for me, to say nothing of the hordes of children who would be there. Instead, I saw a practically empty cinema showing Scary Movie which was probably marginally better than the other, but I think it was a close run thing. Certainly the fact that there were less than a dozen in the cinema may have given a clue as to the movie's quality.

Seeing the film in the first week of release meant that David and Matthew were rewarded with a trading card.

Apparently it used to be very rare, changing hands for hundreds of dollars. I presume that those who paid this sum for it are now thrilled that there are millions of replicas of this "rare" card now easily available. The rail brochure was pressed into service as cover for this formerly rare item.

After lunch, we went to Te Papa Tongarewa, the Museum of New Zealand. It was a bitterly cold walk across town from Manners Mall to Te Papa, with a southerly (I presume it was a southerly) blowing and a cold rain falling. We were glad to get inside and feel the warmth of the place.

We spent most time at "Awesome Forces" before going to see the "Golden Days" show again, and before long we were again on our way home. We sheltered by the side of the museum until a yellow bus came and went to the station just in time to catch the 5:06 express. I don't often get to that one myself on a workday.

Tonight might have been chicken, as promised to David, but I discovered that the pack in the freezer which I thought was chicken was, in fact, something else. So we had mince, always a popular standby - at least for me.
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