Ian (ringbark) wrote,

On the road again

Back from Armageddon, after a day of buying and watching.
David Prowse - played the part of darth Vader, but his talk spent time reviewing the whole of his career. It's evident that he only viewed Lord Vader as part of a career. being nothing particularly remarkable to him. He spoke at far more length and became much more animated when he talked about his 14-year career as The Green Cross Code Man. This was clearly where his heart really was.
Weta Digital - A presentation about how the computer graphics worked, with particular emphasis, of course, on Gollum. But did you know that the bark of the ents was based on the pohutakawa tree? No, nor me.
Other things:
A series of Clutter comics, by Draw, who was so thrilled by my purchase that he added a set of Style Crime.
Progress by Jared Lane, three magazines apparently set in the Christchurch of the future.
From Chopperchick, their two most recent comics: Chopperchick Preludes - I think that's the title - and the brand new Pirate Technics, which was only released last night. These complete the set which started with Toolbox and Killer Robots.
If interested, I will get more details on these titles for you.
The queue to buy tickets for Armageddon was truly astounding, and something which made me very glad to have bought the tickets in advance. However, as the day progressed, it meant that the exhibition hall got fuller and fuller.
We're back now, after a late lunch in town, with the boys studying their new Pokemon cards carefully. David is kindly making coffee. Thank you, David! David and Matthew will be going off to a pancake party at Cathie's later this evening.
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