Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Well, there goes another weekend

After a usual sort of day, with an ordinary Little India curry at lunchtime, it was time for a meeting for the judges at the forthcoming Toastmasters Division Conference.
Toastmasters clubs are grouped into areas (ours is Area E2, the breakfast clubs in the Wellington CBD) while areas are grouped into division, Greater Wellington being Division E. New Zealand's six divisions together make up District 72. This meeting went on for what seemed like an age, but probably wasn't, as I caught the 7:05pm train home and we got pizza for tea.
On Saturday, we went to the Anglican Chinese Mission's annual fair, which seems to be more of a foodfest than anything else. I bought a fair number of food items, including a "pot of gold", which included one of just about every small item they had. Added to that, there were pork buns, satay kebabs, deep fired breadsticks and other things. We took a break to walk around the Botanic Gardens, before returning to see the lion dance, the tambourine dance, the baton dance, a martial arts demonstration and various other dances before coming home.
The evening was pretty quiet.
Today, the weather had been wetter than Kamino. Attendance at church was well down, possibly because of the weather, possibly because it's the holidays, possibly for some other reason. We stayed at home for the afternoon, except for a brief trip to Upper Hutt to buy some cardboard and beyond Upper Hutt to pick up David, who had stayed over at a friend's house.
Now it's Sunday evening, and the weather is no better.
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