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The end of a long, long week

This has been a week which just went on and on.
Sunday of last week was a pretty normal sort of service for a Sunday, even to the length of Kelvin again trying to get people to hold hands during the Lord's Prayer. There is starting to be resistance to this: it's hard to see why he wants people to do this.
The next week will see the institution of our new vicar, David Pask. However, Sunday afternoon last week also saw a well attended general meeting of our parish, during which we agreed to sell our vicarage: instead, we will pay David a housing allowance, which is probably better for everybody.
Monday evening was a fairly quiet evening, during which very little happened. Our television broke down irretrievably on either Monday or Tuesday: I'll come back to this. Tuesday lunchtime was the usual BAINZ committee meeting, with the regular parish Vestry meeting in the evening.
Wednesday evening saw Ming, Michael, Michael and me go out to Tulsi for a curry, while Michael's fiancee is away on a cruise organised before their engagement. It was an enjoyable night for us all, and fortunately didn't go on too late either. An early morning Toastmasters meeting on Thursday saw Sono tell a poignant story about a princess, while Rachel had a series of table topics about animals. A morning tea for Jeremy's birthday and a lunch with a couple of the men from church meant that my level of sustenance continued to be substantial.
On Thursday, Viv, David and Matthew went off to the GKP chess night, while I went to the primary school production with Christopher. Christopher took the parts of a talking tree and a juggling penguin. The penguins juggled to "Jive Talking" by the Bee Gees. That pretty much set the standard for the night...
The whole week was under the shadow of the impending news of the sale of the Bank by which I am employed. The official announcement at http://www.londonstockexchange.com/rns/announcement.asp?AnnID=690339 doesn't quite put it how I would have put it, but the facts are there: NBNZ has been sold to ANZ, NBNZ's management will take charge of the combined bank for the time being, there is no certainty as to what will happen in the long term.
Some of the first people I talked to were jiggery_pokery and markh, both of whom were celebrating birthdays. However, there were plenty of others to talk to as well. I cannot believe that the amount of work completed at the bank on Friday was to the usual high standard. As for me, our team went out for lunch at the Black Harp, an Irish themed establishment, you won't be surprised to hear.
After work, it was time to come home. We had planned to go to Hastings for the A&P show, but as the weather has not been kind to us, we stayed in the capital instead. However, we went to DSE, where we bought a new television, and a DVD player to go with it, so we are now entering the new digital age, or at least will do so as soon as we buy any DVDs. We have been resisting for a while, not because of the cost of the player, but because I believe that the consequent cost of DVDs to play will be significant.
And that's a quick summary of a week when much happened. I may write more later, but as I am sure you are aware, I don't often do that.
However, the fact that we can now enter LJ articles by email will make a significant difference to the number of updates you will see here.
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