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Another couple of days

Sunday morning, and we went to church as usual. The plans for the induction and installation are cranking up into top gear, but lots of people were away for Labour Weekend. A gentle service led by Ray Ladd, who was quietly telling us about the experiences of 42 years of ordination himself, about the privileges and the heartaches of the calling.
After that, we went off to The Warehouse, where everyone gets a bargain, and where we bought our first DVDs. LOTR:FOTR Special Edition was one, WFRR was the second. This poses the question: what does WFRR stand for? I'm assuming that LOTR:FOTR will be easy for most readers, especially those in New Zealand.

Today was Labour Day, and we met up with Tom at ten o'clock. We kicked off with a short spell at Te Papa, the national museum, where we took in the "Future Rush" and "Golden Days" exhibits. "Future Rush" takes you to NZ in the year 2055, while "Golden Days" is set in a junk-shop, where items come to life and tell the history of New Zealand.
After that, it was off to Courtenay Central for a curry. Viv and Tom had chicken jalfrezi but I had rogan josh. Then we walked up to the Cable Car, and caught it up to the Botanic Gardens, where we wandered up and down looking at the botanic things for a while. Then we went over to Queen's Wharf, where the ice cream shop was shut - again - but at least it had a sign telling us there was one open by the lagoon. So we went there, and each of the six of us had an ice cream with two scoops. I had pistachio and chocolate, not sure what Tom, Viv, David, Matthew and Christopher had precisely. Tom's included apple crumble flavour ice cream, I think Matthew had two scoops of hokey-pokey (kiwi icon flavour, like vanilla with Crunchie bits). We ate those as we walked back round the lagoon to Te Papa, where Tom went his way and we went ours.
Then we went home, did the supermarket shopping, watched WFRR again and then soon after that the boys went to bed, while Viv and I watched some more of the LOTR special edition documentaries before we turned in.
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