Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Things didn't go so well yesterday. Our beloved car decided it didn't want to go to Taupo. I think we were lucky to make it back home at all, let alone before dark.
The kindness others had shown to us as we had been broken down at various stages of the day was repaid as we were driving over the Haywards, where we came across a carload of teens who were out of gas.
I remember those times, and though they were probably surprised at a family party stopping and taking their can to the gas station and bringing it back, I'm sure they were grateful. the only anxious moment was the question as to whether or not we'd make it back up the hill to deliver it to them.

Today we went on the train to Masterton. It's not the flashest place for a day trip, but we had fun in the park, looking at the playground, the aviary, the pedal boats...

A fun couple of days. Back to work on Monday.
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