Ian (ringbark) wrote,

A new vicar

Last night, we celebrated as David Pask was instituted as Vicar of Trentham.
The service was conducted by +Tom, Bishop of Wellington.
The selection of hymns, which is the main point of this posting, seemed to be a selection of all that's best in contemporary and older worship:
Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of creation
The Power of Your Love (Lord, I come to you...) - Bullock
Jesus, be the Centre - Frye
Shout to the Lord (My Jesus, My Saviour) - Zschech
Just let me say how much I love you - Bullock
Crown Him with mnay crowns
Shine Jesus Shine (Lord, the light of your love is shining - Kendrick
Go out (May the light of Jesus) - Ellena

+Tom preached on the importance of adapting to change, using as his illustration the reaction of the salmon in the Clutha and Waitaki rivers when hydro-electric dams were built.
The Clutha salmon swam upstrea as far as the dam, and that was it. There was no more Clutha salmon.
On the other hand, in the Waitaki, they found new places to spawn and are now some of the finest salmon in the land.

During the service, David acted as crucifer, Viv, Matthew and Christopher presented the Bible to the new vicar as a symobol of reaching and teaching from the scriptures. After the service, I counted the offertory.

We look forward to the new vicar in this place.
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