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02:17 pm: Airport bus services
Just as I was getting on the bus, David arrived at the bus stop on his way to school. I gave him a wave and he waved back. Before that, I had been looking at the timetable, wondering why the timetable for the 900 wasn't there. Then with a memory shock, I realised that the 900 is the service to Birmingham airport, which I don't think I've used since 1990. This service is the 91, though not the same 91 as the Oxton Circle, which took me to school each day. One human memory is better than a calculator with 99.

Current Mood: Reminiscent of the old days and the old bus routes


Date:March 29th, 2009 01:23 am (UTC)

The Half a Crown Routes

Do not forget that the Oxton Circle bus line 91 was previously numbered 6, which along with the clockwise line 2 (which became the 92), were colloquially known as the "half a crown routes" because they were the 2 and 6?

And who can forget the exciting partway journey 7, Woodside to Claughton Village only, whose purpose was as a relief to the peak hour 6s, but whose crew often preferred to drive past the stops and not pick up any passengers?
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Date:March 29th, 2009 07:32 am (UTC)

Re: The Half a Crown Routes

Thank you, whoever you are. If you see this, please send me an email.

Yes, I was at school when the 2 and the 6 became renumbered into the 92 and 91.
Early in the 1970s, as you will no doubt remember, we had the most extensive renumbering and restructuring of the Birkenhead and Wallasey buses. Of most importance to me was the replacement of the 58 with the 10, so that the 10 now went to Clatterbridge rather than New Ferry.
And I remember a gentleman getting on board, asking for a ticket to Rock Ferry station and being told we didn't go that way.
I've been getting this bus for twenty years, and it's always gone that way before he said. The driver gave him a ticket and he sat down.
Turn right towards Byrne Avenue and he's up and shouting
Where do you think you're going?

But the most outrageous change was buses calling at Woodside rather than having it as a final destination.
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