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06:18 pm: Better than last night
Last night I arrived at the station to find a points failure and no trains to the Valley or up the Coast. By the time it was sorted, there was a fair crowd there. So we stopped at every station on a baking got evening in a crowded carriage. I'm sure minto would recognise this sort of occurrence. Today was slightly better, with all the usual things for a Tuesday. Lots of people seem to be unwell at the moment, but not at our house. No more parcels here yet.

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Date:December 9th, 2003 10:32 am (UTC)


Today we scored a hat trick. For the third succssive Tuesday we had a ho;d up on Merseyrail. Two weeks ago the the points failed at Hooton, last week there was a dead train blocking the line at Birkenhead and this week a passenger took ill on the train and we had to wait for an ambulance to arrive.
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