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Excitement in Stokes Valley

Once again, a piece of excitement in Stokes Valley, up my own street, about five doors away. Around six this morning, while I was checking email and LJ, our neighbour knocked on the door. I ignored it as I usually do: it generally means she thinks our cats want to come in. However, what she was actually trying to tell us was that the Police, the Armed Offender Squad and a whole load of others were up the road raiding a major methamphetamine ("P") lab there.
We're all fine, though we still can't turn our car round at the top of the road because it is still cordoned off and guarded by Fire Police.

The first link appeared at just after 1pm
and the first mainstream link at about 6pm

In other news, I went for lunch at Arizona, where I was defeated by three enormous pancakes with bacon and maple syrup.

Viv was going to a youth group planning meeting, but with the excitement in the neighbourhood, we're disinclined to venture out and return at a late hour.
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