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A fine place for Christmas

Someone said the other day that Wellington was going to be the only fine place in New Zealand for Christmas. I said Wellington was always a fine place for Christmas, but that wasn't what was meant.
In fact, it's rainy and windy but that won't stop us having a happy day. I'm just writing a few words before we go off to church. We've opened our first few presents, and very fine they are too. I'm particularly pleased to have received Schott's food and drink Miscellany, the sequel to last year's general book. I saw it in Dymock's the other day and decided not to buy because there was a chance it would arrive here...and it has!
The boys are carefully studying things they have received. Matthew is reading "While I live" and David was looking at "Grass for his pillow", while Christopher tells me that Scooby-Doo runs for about 83 minutes.
Coffee, breakfast and a shower before church...
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