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04:37 pm: The journey to Sulphur City
We left at just after nine and had a journey north in idyllic weather. The snow covered mountains, for once, were not shrouded in mist and they looked beautiful beyond words. Likewise our brief stop at Huka Falls. There's nowhere like New Zealand. We're blessed here with a unit which has a separate double room for big people away from little people, who aren't actually that little any more. We'll be having a look around just as soon as we have finished our coffee. No particular plans for today.

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Date:January 3rd, 2004 09:12 am (UTC)
We've just returned from a fortnight on the Isle of Cumbrae in Scotland. The mist briefly cleared one morning to reveal breathtaking views of snow-covered Arran. It's like looking at a 3D postcard! Not quite NZ perhaps, but wonderful nevertheless.

Hope the rest of your holiday is as good!
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