Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Back to work, and some photos.

As previously mentioned, back to work. It was insanely hot on Monday, and cloudy, foggy, rainy and muggy today. I've been catching up with the documents published over the break and making some notes about a presentation for the end of the month.

It's time for some pictures from our holidays...four films and corresponding CDs from Christmas and our Rotorua trip. There's a fair amount of material behind the cut, somewhere around 800k I think.

Matthew on Christmas morning

The stupendous view of Mount Ruapehu from the Desert Road, shot at 100km/h

The boys at the top of the Waimangu walk

The boys at the massive kiwifruit in Te Puke

Rotorua seen from the Skyline area

The chairlift at the luge, showing Ian, Christopher and Rotorua

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