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Hat, quiz, absinth

In the car this morning, vivh said "I wonder if I would still have married you if I'd known you were going to wear soft suede hats." (I bought a replacement hat, similar to my old one, while we were in Rotorua last week.)
A light lunch, and a sober one, was called for, because this afternoon was the final of "World Quiz Idol", where three members of our department were nominated to take part in a quiz playoff. I'm pleased to say that I won it convincingly.
Afterwards, I went off to Bond Wines where I bought a bottle of Pimm's No 1, a bottle of absinth and ordered some grenadine syrup.
Mr India re-opened tonight, and was frequented. Onion bhujee, chole punjabi (chick peas), butter chicken, lamb sag (spinach) and naan bread, with a couple of mango lassi added later.
Viv has just started to watch Thr Prisoner, but I think it will be bedtime soon.
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