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05:41 pm: Long weekend
Long weekend, short of events

Saturday? I have little recollection of what happened on Saturday. I think we played some solo whist on Saturday, but I can't be sure. Around lunchtime, we went to get some lunch and some sugar lumps, while vivh did some tidying up. Can't think of what else happens, but the obvious excuse doesn't apply because we didn't actually drink any of the absinth until much later in the evening. vivh wasn't thrilled by it, and found it better mixed with Sprite as she tried on Sunday night.
Sunday morning was the usual Sunday at church, though we were were heavily involved in the service, with me reading the epsistle and all of us in a dramatised gospel reading of the miracle at Cana in Galilee.
Six water jars, each containing 20 to 30 gallons, equivalent to 800 bottles of the finest wine. That's a pretty large quantity of wine in anyone's book.
Then we went off to Te Papa, New Zealand's national museum. I can now state for certain that Icon restaurant is over-rated and over-priced.
Key exhibits:
  • A sculpture of Gandalf, made by Weta Workshops, made of margarine.

  • The 8 metre miniature of Barad-Dur, also from Weta.

  • An exhibition of flight, including some extinct insects, some of them horrific in size.

  • The Chinese dinosaurs exhibition (Nga Mokoweri kei Haina) with lots of skeletons, words and pro-Darwinian propaganda.

After that, we came home and didn't do much else.
This brings us to today, Wellington Anniversary, another day when very little has happened. Local public holidays are something I've never quite got to grips with. Locally, it's the same as any other public holiday, but the rest of the country is at work.

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