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Another day older and deeper in debt

Spent some of this morning doing the usual stuff, but then two hours learning about our new intranet and how to use Microsoft's Content Manager. This will lose me friends here no doubt. Please remember it's not my choice what software they use.
Lunch? I know I had something...oh yes, another sandwich shop was tested today and seemed more promising. Chicken and stuff. Chocolate milk to wash it down. Still not quite kosher, I fear.
Onto the afternoon, with a report successfully produced and ready for publication. Next up, the Area governors meeting, always an opportunity for full and frank discussions. However, my opportunity to appear on a training video is delayed till tomorrow night because of timetabling issues. So, a death-burger at the station on the way home. I type stuff in at the computer while we eat our occasional decadent TV dinners and Viv listens to the Moody Blues.
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