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08:10 am: That's it for another year
All four of us ran round the bays, coming in the order DMCI, unfortunately for me. Creditable performances by all, I improved my time by a minute. After we got back, we walked from the station, another km or so. All in all, a fine day. Next major event: Viv's birthday. I don't think there will be any running required there. In weather news, it's a lovely day today, but the slip on E Hutt Rd looks to have got worse overnight. I see The Dominion has a RTB picture on the front page. Are we on it?

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Date:February 22nd, 2004 01:28 pm (UTC)


Well Done to DCMI on the run! I'm impressed that "I" was even in the line up, so coming in 4th place is not bad at all! So, you have just under 52 weeks to recover for the next 7km race. How long does it take to run that far then?
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