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The weekend is here

Friday morning saw a struggle to get the day started. Last night I realised we were almost out of oats, so we went ot the supermarket to get some more. This morning, Matthew cooked up what was left from the old packet and didn't start the new one. I didn't take this well, even though it's a very small thing. I concede that maybe I should have taken the new stuff out of the bag and put it in the cupboard.
Morning as usual, lunch at Saffron. That's another Indian in Wellington. There's a fair few of them by now. I thought I'd try Kalyani. Probably back to Kingfisher next week.
After work, wandered down to the 4th floor where we used to be. Surprised to see more of our team there than could have been at the 9th floor drinks party.
I'd only planned to stay for one, but as it turned out I had somewhere between two and three - not so good as I had to be videotaped giving a short presentation. A quick snack put me right as I walked up Willis Street. There were four of us to be taped tonight - gave a short talk about when to use then and when to use than. Someone at LJ asked this the other day. I couldn't believe it was a real problem, but today I saw a posting at LJ proving that it is!
I'll write about it in a forthcoming rant.
After that, it was back to the station for the train ride home, followed by Friday pizza. We called in at the supermarket for milk and sugar tonight. That's all we bought tonight.
And the weekend is here, a long weekend at that for Wellington Anniversary. Plenty to look forward to. I'll write about it afterwards, because if any of it doesn't happen, it won't have been missed! We certainly won't be missing Les Miserables on Sunday night, that much is sure!
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