Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Bob Dylan album reviews

Christian albums revisited: On first release, hammered by critics, but now benefitting from the passing of time. Slow Train was horribly under-rated. The rhythm of some tunes and the stark imagery of contrast in songs like Gotta Serve Somebody make for a spectacular presentation. Not so for Saved, about which it's still possible to be just as negative. Under-produced second rate songs without a clear message or musical inspiration. Shot of Love, on the other hand, has none of these issues. On Lenny Bruce, ponderous and ambiguous lyrics and haunting piano leave you wondering whether Mr Z held him in high regard or not. Every Grain of Sand saw critics spitting venom, yet this song is one of the jewels of the era. Finally, if your copy of SOL includes Groom still waiting at the altar, then you have a much stronger album on your shelf, and it was pretty good before! Comments? You know what to do.
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