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O'Shea Shield Weekend has been and gone

It's a relief to see that I don't quite have a whole week to write about.

Wednesday was a fairly ordinary day at work, followed by a short analysis of Chris's oratory for what was almost the last time. He had presented the speech to assembly earlier in the day. We went over it, and then I was on my way home before long, preparing the agenda and details for the Toastmasters AGM the following morning.

Thursday was indeed our AGM, and against all odds I was able to get a quorate meeting and populate a committee for the next year. A fairly relaxed evening followed, as far as I can recall.

Friday morning was filled up with credit risk material, too boring or too confidential to mention in a forum as open as LiveJournal. I could say more about confidentiality, but it would not be constructive.

At lunchtime, I went off to Lower Hutt again for a final run through with Chris before the main event. By now, there's nothing we can do, but the speech gets better each time we hear it. An early night is called for, as an early morning will follow.

O'Shea Shield 2004

The O'Shea Shield is an event for the Catholic secondary schools in the dioceses of Wellington and Palmerston North. The events, in no particular order, are

  • Impromptu Speaking

  • Junior Prepared Speech

  • Oratory

  • Scripture Reading

  • Religious Questions (2004 subject: GE)

  • Drama

  • Debating (moot for 2004: that manking should go to Mars)

and each of these is marked, oddly, out of 6.

A stupendously early start saw me at St Bernard's College at 6:15am for a 6:30 departure to Palmerston North, where our host school would be St Peter's, supported by Hato Paora. We arrived just in time for the powhiri (traditional welcome) at 9am, after which the games would begin!

SBC won the Junior Prepared Speech, but the Oratory, the event for which Chris and I had put in so much work, was not well received by the adjudicator, much to the disappointment of many in the audience but especially Chris and me. The judge's decision is final, of course, but I am disappointed because I suspect that the content of the speech influenced the judge, even though there is nothing in the rules to suggest that this might be the case: even if you don't agree with what is being said, you are there to comment on how it is presented. The key to oratory is emotional response, and Chris certainly achieved that.

Emotional response was also present in the religious drama on Saturday night, where SBC did win, jointly with Bishop Viard College. Was this a cause for celebration? Certainly!

Sunday was a quieter day, with impromptu and religious questions, following by a Eucharistic celebration, lunch and prizegiving, and the journey back to the Hutt Valley.

We're now up to Monday night, a fifth of the way through the next week. The boys are watching a documentary about the Spartans, Viv has gone off to her Toastmasters AGM.

And a warm welcome to __caw_, who appears to have similar interests to my own. If I had room in my list, they would include 1066 and all that, bach, belle and sebastian (which I would spell correctly), bob dylan, clockwise, coffee, donne, george herbert, greenbelt, owls, steve fairnie, u2.

Notes on the above:

  • Belle and Sebastian: If you list them, you are probably a member of the sinister mailing list at http://www.missprint.org/sinister - this list is maintained by a high school friend of mine. It's not for me to refer to him at anything other than Honey in this context.

  • Bob Dylan: from Earl's Court 1981 to the present day, in England and in New Zealand. What can you say about him that hasn't already been said?

  • Clockwise: This is a historic moment, as I said earlier, in the context of the approval today from the Reserve Bank of New Zealand for the legal amalgamation of the National Bank of New Zealand with ANZ Bank. he combined bank will have a market share in excess of 40%, so it really is one for the Guinness Book of Records.

  • Coffee: the second most traded commodity after oil, according to certain measures.

  • Donne: No man is an iland, etc. I was at college with a direct descendant of John Donne. I left my umbrella in her room once. "Ian, you left your umbrella in my room last night."

  • Greenbelt: Well, that's where I know Fairnie from originally. In various guises: Fish Co, Techno Orchestra, Techno Twins and of course, Casual Tease. When formalities founder, casual tease.

  • Owls: Well, that's not strictly my interest. Ask sheaj34. Owls are her speciality. You could ask her for some funny stories about me too. In New Zealand, visit Owlcatraz. Outisde New Zealand, you'll have to make do with http://www.owlcatraz.co.nz and imagine.

  • Steve Fairnie, U2: Both seen at Greenbelt.

Maybe I should write more about interests than I do at present. Sometimes it's fun, when I have time.

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