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LJ has a problem or two

The last two entries are hopelessly out of order! They come from early last week, when the release of LOTR:ROTK was the news. Unfortunately, the lastb couple of postings haven't appeared yet, and will no doubt turn up when they are obsolete too...
Meanwhile, it's been getting colder and colder here in the Capital, with a hailstorm today. Driving to the station, the sky had the muddy brown colour that means snow or thunder, but on this occasion it was hail. I got to the station just as the rain started, and Viv sent me a text to say we had a hailstorm at home. Apparently the boys refused to leave for school in the hail so Viv gave them a lift.
It hasn't been much warmer all day, and we have a southerly doing its worst just at the moment.
You'll find out about the weekend some time during the week, either when LJ's post by email catches up or when I type about the weekend again, which will be just a few minutes before post by email springs back into life, of course.
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