Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Thursday stuff

It seems that I have been characterising days by what I have eaten, and today is possibly no exception. Today was the first regular Toastmasters meeting of the year for our breakfast club, so a very early start was called for. About 6:40 am and I had arrived at Wellington station. On my way into town, I picked up a blueberry muffin to sustain me.
The meeting saw two speeches, including Andrew's 10th, which qualifies him for the CTM award.
Tony was today's muffin man, furnishing rhubarb tartlets for our delectation. After the meeting adjourned, it was a short walk over the road to the office, followed by the usual nine floor climb to my office.
Lunch saw the first of the fortnightly men's lunches for the year, well attended by comparison with last year's lunches. After the diverse work of the afternoon, I travelled home and we had smoked salmon sandwiches for tea while the boys had tuna...
A discussion about Stonehenge and how the stones might have been laid caused me to dig out an old copy of Larry Norman's Only Visiting This Planet to give them some idea of the scale of the stones. (The back cover depicts Larry standing against one of the stones.) As I type this, Viv is reading the last chapter of The Hobbit for tonight's story.
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