Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Perfect weekend

Struggled from bed in time to get a shower and some breakfast before catching the train into town. Couldn't get through to my parents for a while, but called again from the station. My dad is home from the hospital, but it doesn't sound like plain sailing at home.
A morning of credit risk, writing a communications strategy document, with a break for lunch at Mezzini's. Just as we were ordering, the last vegetarian pizza was sold. Richard somehow didn't like the look of any of the other stuff, so he sat it out and said he'd pick something up later.
After work, it was Friday drinks. We went down and joined the 4th floor people again. While their bathroom is renovated, they are temporarily inconvenienced. After that, home again, pizza again. Tonight, the unpleasant barbecue swirl was not put on our meat-lovers pizza. Well done! Unfortunately, I'm not convinced our satay pizza got any satay sauce - not so good.
At home, we tried some mathematics with the boys, touching on perfect numbers. After that, not much else. Viv repaired a sports trophy and wrapped up our present for Neil and Kathryn, who get married tomorrow morning.
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