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08:27 pm: Matthew's birthday
Matthew is 13 today, and so becomes eligible for a LiveJournal. With any luck, he will be better than his mother vivh and his brother bamboobowboy.
Yesterday was Monday, the first working day of the week. I caught up with a friend for lunch, but the other one didn't show. What happened?
Next Monday, the whole team is going out to breakfast in recognition of the legal amalgamation of the Blue and the Green.
Tonight we went off to parent interviews at school. It seems that David and Matthew are both doing very well at college. And then to the Golden Arches in Silverstream. It is the first time I have ever seen a Big M with no fries and only one burger in the rack. "We're not very busy" they explained lamely. Twelve minutes to wait for a meal with nobody else in the shop. Not good.
The boys are watching the new DVD of Pirates of the Caribbean while I type this. I guess it will be their bedtime soon after this.

I have a new, bright and shiny gmail address, thanks to elwe's generosity. Reach me at firstname.lastname@gmail.com - I have a gigabyte and I need to fill it up. Text only, please, I want it to be a challenge.

Current Music: Pirates of the Caribbean
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