Ian (ringbark) wrote,

A beautiful day

After waking and breakfasting, Viv took David to softball and then we all went up to Trentham, where Matthew and I went to the wedding. It was a beautiful service, with much to celebrate!
Viv and Christopher returned and took us to Upper Hutt, where we all bought shoes. I was surprised to find a pair of shoes to my taste for less than $20 and counted myself fortunate to get out of there less than $100 poorer.
Don't go to the curry shop under new management at Logan Plaza.
After lunch, we went back home and I told the boys some of our wedding stories as we looked at pictures from 1987, when we two were younger and brighter things.
Just before five, we wandered into the Valley to buy some meat and soft drinks for the barbecue. I think we should have arrived there a little later. However, it was a friendly and low key event, a celebration.
We came home as a golden sunset lit the Hutt Valley.
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