Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Last weekend, this week, this weekend

Last weekend I seemed to spend most of the time driving up and down the Hutt Valley, either with or without children. Matthew's birthday party was spent at iplay, a cybercafe in central Wellington. While I was in town, I called in on the cinema showing Eternal Sunshine, as mentioned earlier. No, it's not worth seeing. It has some funny moments, but the whole of it is rather bleak, confusing and spoiled by bad science.
Monday: The Gifted Kids Programme had their annual seminar for parents. It bore an extremely striking resemblance to last year's, which was a great disappointment.
Tuesday: GKP had their annual chess evening. That was rather more fun. Matthew (and his friend Zak) both played as alumni, but their previous establishment, Rata Street, won the evening.
Wednesday: My birthday! (43) This started with a few presents at an early hour, and a few more later in the day as I delved into the bag of goodies from domel which included the DVD of Speed, a Worst-Case Scenario book, a M&S shirt and a pen. Speed isn't a bad movie, but Speed 2 isn't as good. It probably doesn't deserve to be in IMDB's Bottom 100 however.
Anyway, Wednesday evening was Roger's retirement farewell, a remarkable celebration of over 41 years with the Bank. An array of people from right through his career was there, telling the story of that career. Much wine and food was served, and a major celebration. We'll miss him.
Thursday: Capital Breakfast held their Table Topics competition, a significant one because it was the first meeting at which I was no longer president. David gave his first presentation as the new president. He and I took out the first two places in the contest, too! I was very pleased to find that someone else could judge at the contest that night, enabling me to go home and spend time there.
That brings us to Friday, the end of the week, the end of the first week of the combined Bank, and also the end of the school term.
Yesterday, Saturday, was the Vestry retreat day, at which some planning for the rest of the year took place. Meanwhile, david and his friends were playing paintball for his birthday. Saturday morning: McD's breakfast. Saturday evening: Pizza Hut. Sad but true.
Sunday: A fairly quiet day, with a sunny winter's day outside. Not too much else going on. A chance to unwind a little. Tomorrow: work as usual for me, school holidays for the rest of them.
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