Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Late and on the wrong platform

Face it, nobody cares about the trains being late or the weather being rainy. More interest in whether I'm drinking too much coffee or whether 113kg is too much to weigh. Maybe someone wants to know I've just finished reading Stupid White Men. Two pieces of interest here: first, that one of the boys chose to borrow it from the school library, second, that it was in the school library in the first place. Assessment: the book puts forward lots of interesting and supportable ideas, but is too biased to be a credible source of information. I'm still unsure
about the role played by Nader in the whole thing. I also don't follow why the courts wouldn't allow all the votes in Florida to be counted. However, any questions beginning If Al Gore had been president... are unanswerable, just like If William the Conqueror had lost the Battle of Hastings. See next posting for a joke about these contra-positives.
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