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Sunday evening, exciting week

Well, another weekend nears its end, and still nothing about things since Tuesday. Let's see, what DID happen this week? Sometimes you can look back on a week and be decidedly vague, which is what the middle of the week was like. I know that on Thursday morning we had a Toastmasters meeting where I was the table topics master and invited eight of our member to explain why they wanted to visit a particular city, but without naming it. London, New York, Paris, Sydney, Auckland, Whakatane, Tokyo, one other. No malice against the 8th city, I just can't remember where I chose. On Thursday night we called domel. vivh and Matthew will be going to visit in September, and we wanted to get the beginning of organisation in place. They will probably be staying at my mother's house.
Friday was another working day, though one punctuated by talking to an agent at Air New Zealand about round the world fares, of which some New Zealand information is here and international info is here.
In other news, DSE had an astounding "special" on Friday. 2.8GHz Celeron, 40GB hard drive, 256MB RAM, 17" screen, VD burner, XP home etc. Our Compaq machine was getting a bit under-spec, and the price of this was less than you would imagine. Saturday was tidying up day, along with the purchase of a belt we missed last week and a couple of Bluetooth dongles we didn't need last week.
Church this morning: we have turned the seating round 90 degrees for an experiment to see how that changes things. Wait and see... This afternoon was the fundraiser concert for the parish by Wellington Male Voice Choir. I've never been much for MVC concerts, but we went anyway. St Pat's Chapel was cold, but the music nearly made up for it.
Usual stuff followed: picking David up from this archery lesson, supermarket shopping, tea, cyberslacking. You know the sort of stuff.
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