September 23rd, 2000


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We set off for David's hockey game a few minutes early. The morning was bright and sunny, but with a bitterly cold wind blowing. David's team won the game by 2 goals to 1, and David was awarded Player of the Day, which is an honour for the last game of the season. Certainly he had contributed to some significant defensive play, blocking goal attempts by the other team.

A disappointment was that the sausage and steak man wasn't there today, so after the game we set off in search of a sausage sizzle. Didn't find one.

Instead, we went to Upper Hutt where we bought some paper for our computer printer, currently down to only a handful of sheets left. We had lunch at a bakery I had never been to before - Mr Tran - opposite Logan Street. David and Matthew both had mince pies, I had a chicken pie. Both were very good. A short journey back to Stokes Valley for coffee and the start of a game of Diplomacy as the sun streams through the windows and gives benefit to our lazy cats.

United have woken up again, and I see that the flight to Los Angeles actually arrived 14 minutes late, while the flight to London is currently expected to leave 15 minutes late but arrive 5 minutes early. In the old days, detailed information about the schedules of flights was not available. I don't know for sure whether this is a step forward or not.

Coffee is served. Let the game begin!

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The Diplomacy game was a disappointment, because it didn't seem to go the way it might have done. Matthew kept on saying that some of the ways the game had been played were not fair, but I'm not sure. It seemed fair to me. David looks set to have a successful career as diplomat ahead of him, if he can carry on as he is doing now.

I cooked sausages for tea, but I'm pretty sure I'll have to go to the supermarket before much longer. After tea, Matthew wanted a short game of Risk so that he could beat his brother, but this proved to be not particularly successful either. I was torn when I drew the mission card telling me to destroy all red armies. I had a successful final move when I moved a large force from South America into Africa, wiping out most of the territories there which were all that remained of Matthew.

After recovering for a few minutes, Matthew played Age of Empires again, surprisingly persuading our temperamental CD drive to work first time, while David again listened to Bat out of Hell, an album he seems to have developed quite a passion for. The quality of the music is certainly something that has passed the test of time. It startles me to realise just how many years have passd since most of the stuff I like to listen to was recorded. The technical term for this, I believe, is "growing old".

Turns out that the flight to London left late - something to do with increased security. No doubt I'll hear soon enough. Here, it's quiet. I've called all the people about Monday's contest, but nobody's home.

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Just received this: The Kiwis have landed The weary travellers have arrived safe and sound. They seem to have had quite a good journey and Christopher has gone to bed. Viv is just going to partake of some sustenance. Take care of yourselves.

So it all seems to have been worthwhile. I stayed up very late last night talking to my parents and Viv's parents. As usual, my father had lots of questions about the world and how things have changed over the years. It's always interesting to hear, but the time difference between England and New Zealand means that these phone conversations always go on late into the night.

Here, it's breakfast time, time to rehearse the reading for David for church this morning time and, of course, coffee time. A beautiful loaf has just been removed from the bread-maker.

More later, if I'm not mistaken.