Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Sic freat crustulum

Public Trust in New Zealand are running a campaign explaining how their service is superior because they use plain English.

Hodie nemo linguam latinam loquitur, ergo negotia latine non gerimus.
For straightforward advice in a language you can understand - Public Trust

This poses some interesting questions.
Evidently "nemo" isn't correct: if it were, there would be nobody to write the advertising copy and nobody at all could read it sensibly.
"linguam latinam loquitur" raises the question of whether alliteration was used to any great degree by the Romans.
My main question, however, is when to use "ergo" and when to use "igitur". Presumably "ergo" is the correct one here - but why? Perhaps LuTron can help me with this one? Latin and grammar?
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