January 9th, 2002


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After a couple of weeks off, it's a struggle to walk up to the 9th floor in the morning, but I'm still doing it. The first of many monthly reports was sent yesterday and I hope to get most of the way through the others today.
Lunch yesterday was with some of the guys from church. We've moved from the BNZ Centre, which was getting rather tired as a lunch venue. Yesterday, we went to Kopi where I have been before, but I think it was new for Bill and Barry. Once again, I had the goat. This time I chose the curry rather than the korma. Partly because it's an unusual meat, partly just for the devilment. Traditionally, not too many Europeans eat goat.
The evening saw fish and chips, as it is now a traditional Tuesday night meal. Nobody complained two weeks ago when we served something else...