January 11th, 2002


Shrek (original soundtrack)

Yesterday lunchtime, I bought the soundtrack from Shrek. It's a film we all enjoyed both at the movies and on video. However, everyone seems to have a compulsion to watch it over and over. The same has happened to the soundtrack. It seems that Viv has had to listen to it over and over today, until even Hallelujah (Cohen) had started to lose its charm.
Meanwhile, I was at work and lunch. Lunchtime was not quite a Friday lunchtime is supposed to be. Richard is still on leave and the rest of the Friday dodgy curry club didn't seem to be around, so Andrew and I thought that there wouldn't be a lunch today.
However, we ran into each other on the Quay, so we went off to Mezzini's anyhow.
Friday night - more pizza - it's a late night for the boys and I've said no alarm clocks tomorrow morning. It's Saturday tomorrow, so why should any of them want to use alarm clocks anyway?
Meanwhile, we hear that The Weakest Link is back on NZ screens, so the question is: will they show the programs they axed in the middle of last year?