January 15th, 2002


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Yesterday evening, David had a slight stomach-ache, which seemed as nothing. Unfortunately, at about 2am, he came into our room, claiming pains in his chest and panic, before going to the bathroom to vomit.
An immediate call for the ambulance (I understand that Wellington is the only city in the southern hemisphere with a free ambulance service) and we were on our way a short time later.
The public hospital system runs fairly slowly, and it wasn't till 5 that the tests were complete and David was admitted. I stayed with him. It looked like it wasn't appendicitis after all and we would have been on our way sooner if he hadn't thrown up again an hour after breakfast. An unappetising and rejected pizza for lunch was replaced by some lighter fare, and after an early dinner and a check, we're home.
The hospital is just over the road from the local curry house, so Viv and I will be having some of that in just a couple of minutes, as soon as tonight's chapter of The Hobbit has been read.
On the whole, I prefer not to live in interesting times.