January 21st, 2002


Happy Anniversary, Wellington

In England, there are no local public holidays, but New Zealand does have them. Today we celebrate the anniversary of wellington region by getting up late and not going to work.
After the church service yesterday, we went home and watched the "Making of" video from Les Miserables. Soon after that, we took the train into town and walked leisurely through wild, windy, Wellington before having a light tea at Burger King. It may not be a first choice for anyone, but they serve food. David chose a burger with cheese on it, which disappeared very quickly, another sign that he is growing up. After we had finished, it was over to St James Theatre for the long awaited event.
It was all we might have expected: a spectacular production of high quality, with shining performances from the whole cast. To be fair, it didn't seem to be to the same standard as the show we saw in 1987 in D.C., but that was the Broadway cast and show, and fifteen years is a long time for memory to survive reliably. But there was nothing in last night's show to complain about: live theatre at its finest, and a new experience for the boys, who thoroughly enjoyed it, as we had expected they would.
Back home, Viv and I reviewed some of our history of musicals while the boys slept, and we woke refreshed, ready for a quiet holiday Monday.

Nigel's party

A curious gathering if ever there was one. A world of people, almost all of whom were completely unknown to me. I spent some of the day discussing the pros and cons of Douglas Adams' later works, of The Bored of the Rings, of unemployment and other things. Various obscure 45s were played, some mine, some belonging to others.
Meanwhile, the boys played various games outside with other children equally unknown to me. A fun day, and an unusual way to spend the holiday.
Back home, and it was trip to the tip, which was not closed for the holiday, unlike the one in Stockbridge MA.