January 23rd, 2002


The scum

Shortly, the scum will kick off against the glorious Liverpool team at Old Trafford. While the game is no doubt a key one for the Premiership, another key question is: who will buy lunch today? A home win will cost me dearly, but a draw or an away win will mean that it is Robbie who will be dipping into his pockets. I'll let you know.

A famous victory

I am happy to report that Liverpool scored a famous victory over Manchester United this morning, with a single goal five minutes from time. This meant that Robbie was liable to buy lunch, which he generously did.
We each had a beer and a croque monsieur at Leuven (sp?) on Featherston Street. I've never been to this establishment before, but it seems reasonably acceptable, even if it is Belgian.
It's been a beautiful day today, and the hot sun is still shining. Of course, the sun is always hot...