January 30th, 2002


Two days

Yesterday was a busy day, with a significant body of work looming up at work, to say nothing of all the voluntary organisations kicking back into life after the long summer break.
Tuesday lunchtime saw a committee meeting of BAINZ as we work towards the seminar on 22 February, while in the evening there was meeting of the parish vestry to learn more about biblical teaching on leadership.
This morning saw a steady stream of work and questions, with my lunch not coming until almost one o'clock. Another parish leaders meeting tonight...
Lunch yesterday: ham on rye with apple pickle from a new sandwich shop
Lunch today: lox on a rock salt bagel
You needed to know that, didn't you?

Thoughts on Christmas dinner (from badvogato)

For once in his life, ringbark is in agreement with pap. Yes, the American Thanksgiving dinner that couldn't be beat and didn't get up until the next morning is in fact an abominable bastardisation of the traditional English Christmas dinner which runs something like this...

  • Tomato soup or Prawn cocktail
  • Roast turkey with herb stuffing and sausage meat, roast potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy, bread sauce, sprouts these are a round green vegetable and not simply stuff that has sprouted, other vegetables, wine or beer
  • Christmas pudding (mixed fruit or plum) with brandy and white sauce
  • Liqueurs and coffee to follow
  • Food and drink must be completed by 3pm to enable the family and assembled company to watch the Queen's speech on BBC 1

The only concession to local that we made on arrival in New Zealand, where Christmas falls in the middle of summer, was to substitute pavlova and whipped cream as dessert.



The hottest day of the year so far, a baking 25 degrees C, 77 degrees F, which is just about what you expect for the first day back at school.
Matthew's first day at intermediate school - he seemed to enjoy it well enough, though I'm not sure anyone ever learns anything on the first day back. He told me that they had some tests but then the conversation moved on before I got any details.