February 1st, 2002



Didn't I type anything here yesterday? Presumably not.

Thursday is an early start day, with the requirement to get up at a silly time for a 7 o'clock meeting. It's usually worthwhile, and it was yesterday. We heard a number of impromptu talks on "our favourite things" which I later evaluated. The main prepared speeches were Ross telling a tall story about a haunted hut and Kevin speaking about style. It's always a bright way to start a morning, but the early start has effects later in the day.

Most of the day was taken up in making adjustments to some reports, making sure that Ivonne had stuff to do and completing a strategy document for an end of month deadline. That meant it was a late night working, although it wasn't so late as it might have been. A rock salt bagel with sundried tomato cream cheese. You won't ever find me buying a bacon bagel. The fact that such things are sold is an abomination.

This morning saw more work - it's livening up now, with a number of things needed, as well as the excitement of the start of the month (which means that all the month end reports now fall due again). A quiet evening as Viv continues reading The Lord of the Rings, not a choice of bedtime story I can entirely believe.

A group of us met at Saffron for a curry lunch. Andrew was looking for something unusual so he chose chicken saagwala, which was unusual for him, but one I rather like. He was startled by how green it is. I chose a chicken tikka masala, which is by now an unusual choice for me.

I would have arrived at the lunch sooner but I bumped into Pom who was asking after our friends who have been working at Southern Cross.

It's been a cool, grey day, with drizzle, though as I look out of the window as dusk comes, it's become blue once again, and is a very agreeable evening.


Sic freat crustulum

Public Trust in New Zealand are running a campaign explaining how their service is superior because they use plain English.

Hodie nemo linguam latinam loquitur, ergo negotia latine non gerimus.
For straightforward advice in a language you can understand - Public Trust

This poses some interesting questions.
Evidently "nemo" isn't correct: if it were, there would be nobody to write the advertising copy and nobody at all could read it sensibly.
"linguam latinam loquitur" raises the question of whether alliteration was used to any great degree by the Romans.
My main question, however, is when to use "ergo" and when to use "igitur". Presumably "ergo" is the correct one here - but why? Perhaps LuTron can help me with this one? Latin and grammar?