February 2nd, 2002


New versions

Couldn't read or write LJ a few minutes - seems that there is a new version up and running now; no doubt I will find out what the new features are and whether they work...

Chris's T-ball team was to have played the other Stokes Valley team today, but they met at practice last night so they had their game then...

This morning saw Matthew's cricket team lose, while David's team were playing right over the other end of the Valley at Waiwhetu or somewhere - didn't hear how they got on.

Lunch was some Texas pork ribs, made in New Zealand I presume; Matthew missed out because he was at a friend's house. Then a few bits and pieces before the four of us played a game of Risk. David was first to be eliminated. I won it in the end.

After tea (chicken cordon bleu, hamburgers for those who didn't like ccb) we went off to Norrie's house to see a car we heard he was selling. We hadn't been there before - Norrie's house contains the sort of bric-a-brac that might be found in any Englishman's castle. Somehow, our house isn't like that any more. Mind you, the chaise longue and the 1p one-armed bandit aren't found everywhere. And the Morrie Thou in the garage isn't something you see every day either. No, that's not what we're buying.

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