February 4th, 2002


Pet Sounds

Sunday was a fairly quiet day, so far as I remember. Excellent curry in the evening. As for today, the same as any day. I still find that I can't write much about what we do: credit risk management doesn't lend itself to interesting diary entries - even if it did, I probably want to write about it anyway because that would breach confidentiality agreements in most cases.
Instead, I talk about my lunch, which today was with Srdjan, who used to work with me in Hawkes Bay at McCarthy's, who don't deserve this link. Srdjan now works for Catalyst in Wellington, a stone's throw from my office.
Most of this evening has been wasted playing Pharaoh. My stepped pyramid complex is almost complete... After I had been playing for a while, I stopped and gave Viv a turn while I listened to Pet Sounds. It still sounds pretty good, though it's probably not worth recalling that it's over 35 years old now...now that's a scary thought. Sometimes I think about the age of the popular music I listen to. Mostly, I try not to for exactly the reason in the previous sentence.
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    Beach Boys - Pet Sounds