February 6th, 2002


Waitangi Day

Waitangi Day (6th February) is New Zealand's national holiday and commemorates the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840.
John, Christopher's friend, came to visit today. Just after 9am, we set off to central Wellington to see The Lord of the Rings again. (If I had been a member of LJ at the time, you would have seen me write about this on Christmas Eve.) While the film was extremely good, and I commend it to anyone who has not yet seen it, my mind did wander a little during this second viewing of the film. I was wondering whether Peter Jackson would make a good job of directing a movie or series of movies based on Wagner's Ring of the Nibelung. Maybe one day we will find out.
After the film had ended, we wandered along Courtenay Place until we got to Burger King. Their Lord of the Rings special meal is still on the menu, but I think nearing the end of its days. Viv, David, Christopher and John all poured cups of the raspberry drink, but it was disgusting. A complaint was met with the news that the machine stock had just been replaced and indeed, newly poured cups were much better.
I chose to drink New Zealand's finest Lemon and Paeroa, I could provide spurious information about Paeroa, but on this occasion I think I will tell the truth: Paeroa is a small town which has a mineral spring, which water used to be used in L & P. On our first visit to NZ in 1991, we didn't know this and thought it might be a local fruit like a feijoa. "lemon and paeroa - like pineapple and grapefruit or apple and pear"
After lunch, I dropped some books off at my office, from whence they will shortly be despatched to a second-hand book shop.
By the time we got home, it was almost time for John to leave.
As it was a holiday today, David's softball practice was cancelled. So was Matthew's cricket practice, but his coach hadn't told us. So I waited for hi while we found out - after that we went to Pizza Hut to pick up our tea - pizza night has moved to Wednesday, at least in theory so that we have a large tea after games practice. Today, I'm not sure what the reason was.