February 23rd, 2002


Let's catch up on the week

I have a short amount of time available, so let's catch up on the week, one of the busiest I have had in a long while.
Events at work reached fever pitch during the week, as a number of exciting events of no interest to the outside world unfolded.
On Monday, Michael T had agreed to buy me a lunch for Ipswich losing to Liverpool, and such a Big Mac did indeed appear.
Monday saw me address Upper Hutt Toastmasters on the awards programme within the organisation.
Tuesday evening saw the Parish Vestry meeting, the last one before the AGM next month. At the moment, I am a vestry member and also one of the parish representatives at Diocesan Synod. We shall see in a couple of weeks whether either or both of these continue.
Wednesday - the first in a series of Lent Bible studies, subject prayer, length two hours, number of evenings spent per week, one.
Thursday night we were working late again as we looked further into the situation relating to the project, same on Friday...Friday lunchtime was not the usual curry but elegant sandwiches as the committee of BAINZ presented the speakers at our next seminar - requirements planning. Excellent speakers, with memorable presentations.
That brings me to Saturday morning, sitting at Wellington airport, filling in a few minutes before going to Auckland for the Toastmasters District Executive Meeting and District Officer Training. To be honest, I would probably have preferred a weekend at home. Next week is no better: Toastmasters, Viv's birthday, Lent study...
So, that was a bit of a catch up for anyone who is interested.
Last night, the Wellington Hurricanes lost to the Auckland Blues by 60 points to 7. I will be in Auckland this weekend. Do you think it possible that the Aucklanders might mention this result?
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