February 26th, 2002


Viv's birthday

Yesterday morning saw me rise and remind the boys they needed to get something for mummy's birthday. This met with limited success. Off to work, another day, another adventure of course.
Monday night is the night for Viv's Toastmasters club, so she set off to that. It seemed to be a good night: Viv was delivering a speech in the "Speaking to Inform" series. For "The Abstract Concept", she gave a speech introducing Set Theory. Last week, I had completed the same assignment, tackling the subject of Financial Risk Management.
This morning started early, seeing as it was Viv's birthday today. A selection of oddments, mostly chocolate or at least gooey, have found their way to her this year.
Tonight, we had a treat: at Viv's request, we had supper at Mr. India in Lower Hutt, the finest restaurant in the Hutt Valley (Hutt News, 2001).
Viv is now at a meeting planning our church services for the next month, while I look after the boys and try to persuade them to tidy the living room before bedtime story.
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