March 1st, 2002


More stuff

Wednesday. Early start as usual, followed by a morning at work, a quick lunch in the shape of a plain bagel, followed by an evening of fish and chips and the second in a series of Lent studies.
Thursday saw another 5 o'clock start. It's always frustrating to get up at that time to go to Toastmasters and then not get any chance at all to speak, but this does happen occasionally. Nevertheless, there were two very fine speeches, including one interesting perspective on credit card debt, an interesting contrast to my speech last week. The evening saw me give a presentation at Club Officer Training. I drew on Dale's material and offered how to create a website for your club.
The excitement of the day was in the middle of the afternoon, when news came that there was a sudden strike on all the railways in Wellington. No trains, just huge numbers of cars pouring into town as people jumped into their cars to pick up their beloved from work. This didn't affect us so much, as Viv was coming to town for the training anyhow (but it did mean she was a bit late for it).
That brings us pretty much to today. It's still very busy at work, though I hope that things will slow down a little next week. Lunch was at Tulsi, as apparently last week the group were not fully satisfied at Saffron. We would have gone to little India, but they don't offer a lunch menu, choosing instead to offer their evening menu and prices at lunchtime. This goes some of the way towards explaining why a fine curry house should be completely empty on a busy Friday at lunchtime.