March 21st, 2002


The cycle of the week

As the weeks continue, they seem to have settled into a cycle, which probably means that this won't be interesting until something changes...
We got up early on Sunday, not so much of a surprise with the end of daylight saving, and went off to the 9 o'clock service, seeing as David at Matthew wanted to go to the open day at St. Pats. This seemed to go on for ages, so that by the time we got back to church, Andrew's birthday party was almost over.
The rest of the week? Monday, work as usual, lunch a sandwich, Viv's Toastmasters club after work. Tuesday, the Big Mac special. The first vestry meeting of the new year in the evening. Wednesday, I was looking for a calm lunch, so I went to the local sushi bar. I always find sitting down and eating sushi and drinking green tea makes for not just a healthy lunch, but a relaxing one too. Wednesday night was never going to be relaxing. A team building exercise at Laserforce, lots of fun as we run round a darkened maze-like area shooting lasers at workmates. It's the sort of entertainment that would have been impossible ten years ago. After that, refreshment at the Sports Cafe in Courtenay Place before catching a bus, a train and a lift to my bible study group.
Soon after my return home, it was bedtime, because another 5 o'clock start beckoned. This morning we had a morning tea to mark the change from last year's social club committee to this year's. I don't see why this should require food and drink, but I'm not one to complain.
Today should have been the first day of the Wellington test, but it was raining all day. The Hutt is full and it looks like it will continue to rise. About 6 o'clock tonight, the storm changed to a thunderstorm. It will be a windy night.
It was so windy that a window blew out of the new building next to the Bank at lunchtime. This does not seem to have been the most successful building project in the history of the city. Broken glass was being swept up from Panama Street shortly afterwards.
At least it wasn't as bad as one day earlier in the week, when I abandoned a trip outside on seeing just how heavy the rain was. Dark, windy and rainy, not what you want at lunchtime.