August 24th, 2002



I have just had this page drawn to my attention, and pass it on for your amusement.

Now, to news.
Thursday morning started reasonably, now that our starter motor has been fixed, so it was possible to start the car first time! The downside is the cost of $215 and the fact that we still couldn't drive off straight away because there was a frost overnight. But I did catch the train...although the express ran late, so I had to catch the stopper, so I was only just in time for the Thursday meeting...
I was invited to speak for 2 minutes about washing the dishes, which I did.
Thursday lunchtime, lunch with the guys from church, as well as a trip to a costume shop to pick up some extra bits and pieces for the Bank's charity quiz.
About half past four, a telephone call from a co-workers wife, to tell us that there was a wildcat strike on the trains. This wasn't yet a problem for me: we had a quiz to go to.
38 teams took part in the quiz, which meant that $7600 had been earned for the Cancer society before we even started buying drinks, pizzas, raffle tickets, bidding in auctions and so forth. A bonus was that it is always a very good night out.
However, this did leave the question of how to get home. There was to be a relief bus at five past eleven, but some people from the bank shared a taxi home to Stokes Valley, and also gave me a lift into work on Friday morning. Thank you!
Friday was rather slow to start at work, but it got going in time for lots of stuff to get done, followed by lunch, followed by more work, followed by a pretty quiet Friday night.
It's now Saturday morning, nothing much has happened here yet, except that the rest of them are out playing or watching hockey.
The new governor of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand has been announced. It's Alan Bollard, currently the Treasury Secretary. I didn't apply for that job: after reading the job description, I came to the definite conclusion that I wouldn't do that job for a big clock.

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