September 1st, 2002


Sunday afternoon - Father's Day

But first, the last few days:
Thursday morning, the usual Capital Breakfast Toastmasters meeting, followed by a day full of meetings and other work. It was Richard's birthday (42, though he doesn't like it mentioned) but as he was going to be off work on Friday and I was meetinged out, we had the Friday Lunch at Chicago a day early. We went on to have a busy afternoon too. Thursday evening was music practice for David. Apart from that, it was night in for us. Friday saw a day with a silly number of work related meetings, to say nothing of the fact that Daffodil Day was finally upon us. Early on, someone brought in some sausages from the barbecue outside our office. We were stuck selling daffodils outside the Arizona bar and grill (what is it with all these bars named after US states?) for half an hour in the morning, before several other meetings, including one up the hill at 180 Molesworth Street. Walking back, I tried sausages from the sausage sizzles at 100 Molesworth Street, North Lambton Quay and the IT department at Hunter Street. North Lambton Quay's were the best, in my humble opinion.
A phone call in the afternoon told me I had won the 15th prize in the Corporate and Commercial banking raffle (being a fabric wallet and a very smart red Canterbury t-shirt).
Come Saturday, and we had arranged to meet Viv's friend Sandra and son Michael in town - we had lunch at the new Reading complex - a fine complex with a pointless web site. We had lunch in the mall there, with David choosing a kebab, Viv choosing a curry and Ian choosing a Chinese. The other two boys chose unimaginatively.
We then went on to the cinema, where the responsible adults chose to see Signs while the younger boys chose Scooby-Doo again.
We walked back from the movie up to the station, calling in at the $2 price buster store and at Dymock's, where books were for sale and some of them are no longer for sale.
By the time we arrived at Wellington railway station, the trains had stopped as a result of a collision between two of them, and replacement bus services were running. We took over an hour to get home on the bus (just half an hour if the trains are running) and only had a short time before we had to go out to St Pat's for the production of Joseph and the amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. This wasn't bad.
This morning saw Father's Day. the first day of spring and St Giles' Day. I received the following gifts:
  • A packet of scorched almonds
  • A pack of three peanut chocolate bars
  • A golden tie
  • A video tape cleaner
  • A CD holder
  • Three CDs of Bach chamber music
  • A box of chocolate shortbread
  • Three homemade cards

This morning we were doing the dramatised Gospel reading, and Viv was running the children's ministry. After lunch, we played Monopoly as a family for the first time in ages. Matthew emerged as victor, not too surprisingly.